Ikeda's Pie List

Fruit Pies

Fall/Winter Pies

-Dutch Apple (Cobbler)

-French Apple (Cobbler)

-Marionberry Pie

-Marionberry Cobbler

-Peach Pie

-Peach Cobbler

-Strawberry Rhubarb

-Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

-Razzleberry Pie

-Tripleberry Pie

-Tripleberry Cobbler

-Blueberry Pie

-Blueberry Cobbler

-Cherry Pie

-Cherry Cobbler

Cold Cream Pies

Savory Pies

-Pumpkin Pie

-Pumpkin Pecan Pie

-Pecan Pie

-Chocolate Cream Pie

-Key Lime Pie

-Banana Cream Pie

-Coconut Cream Pie

-Chicken Pot Pies

-Beef Steak Pot Pies

-Beef Pasties

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Ikeda's Restaurant Hours

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Thurs-Sun 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Davis Hours

Ikeda's Davis Hours

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Sally Baking Pies

Founder Sally Ikeda, making pies just as she did 30 years in the past.